Some time ago, we introduced you to an idea of SNY postcards with the coolest graphics
that were created while designing prints.
We were wondering if you would like such postcards be added to your orders.
Some of you liked that idea , others thought it was a waste of paper.
Several people suggested that it should be an option!
And that seemed to make the most sense!
Following your advice, we have created an option to add a postcard to the order!
But it occurred to us that we could also do something good.
We came up with a 1 + 1 for animals!

22 copy

How does it work?
In the basket, next to your order, you have the option of adding a postcard to your
The postcard costs a symbolic 1 Euro and that will all go for animals.
But that's not enough. For each of your 1 Euro, we will add another 1 Euro!
So from each postcard to help animals will go 2 Euro.

Who will we help?
At the end of April, on our Instagram you will be able to report a foundation /centers
that could use help.
We ourselves have several propositions and we will also present them to you.
In the form of voting, we will together choose which organization we would like to support!
The postcards are beautiful and printed on ecological paper, so it is a great
addition to your order!
You can find all the details about the campaign on our Facebook and Instagram @snyvision.
Let’s do something good together!





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