Linen scrunchies


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Linen scrunchies.  

Set of three linen scrunchies, made of remnants of fabrics produced exclusively for SNY with our own prints.

Scrunchie is a beautiful accessory that makes even a simple ponytail look great.

Zero waste.

Our scrunchies are made of fabrics left over from the production of clothes, making them an environmentally friendly product.

Fabric composition: 100% linen.

Linen is a body-friendly fabric, thanks to which linen scrunchies do not tangle, electrify and do not damage hair. They are durable and comfortable.

At SNY we have transparent pricing policy. Information on what makes up the product price can be found in the transparency tab.

SNY operates transparently. The total price of the product consists of:
  • 3€ – production costs: costs of material, sewing and tailoring accessories;
  • 2€ – costs of a showroom, photo sessions, fixed costs of the company (ZUS fees, website maintenance, equipment, etc.), promotion and packaging costs;
  • 4€– margin, taxes and social initiatives;

SNY donate a minimum of 1% of the income from each item sold to support initiatives, charity and social activities close to our hearts. Linen comes from Poland. The bags were sewn in a small workshop near Płock.