Linen trousers unisex lobster


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Linen trousers. Loose linen tracksuits. Pattern have been specially designed for SNY. The lobster loungewear is inspired by the surrealist works of Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali. The prototype of the lobster was drawn with pastels.

The trousers have a sewn-in rubber in the waist and have a linen drawstring, thanks to which they easily adapt to various types of silhouettes. Loose fit works great as homewear or linen pajamas. Trousers do not have an external seam – the pattern looks beautiful on the silhouette.

At SNY, we have a transparent pricing policy. Information on what makes up the product price can be found in the transparency tab.

Material composition: 100% Oeko-Tex certified linen

piżama spodnie rozmiarówka

SNY is a transparent brand. Total price of the product consists of:

20€ – costs of material, production and transport;

15€ – company fixed costs, cost of promotion and office;

18€ – margin, taxes and social initiatives;

SNY donates at least 1% of the income from each item sold to support initiatives, charity and social activities close to our heart. The fabric was produced in Poland. The trousers were made in a small atelier in Łódź.

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