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Thank you very much for your interest in SNY products.
We create them with passion in the spirit of Slow Fashion.


1. We pack and ship all SNY orders as soon as possible, but no longer than 4 working days from receiving the order.
2. We pack all orders securely, we try not to add any plastic elements or use unnecessary fillers or packaging.
3. We send parcels via Inpost by courier or to a parcel locker. If you want a different shipping method or a different shipping company, please write to us.
4. Delivery of a domestic shipment is usually one business day from the date of shipment.
Foreign shipment takes between 2-8 working days, depends on a country the shipping goes to.
5. If you would like to receive the parcel in some other way, you need turbo fast shipping or you have any other wishes, please contact us by phone or e-mail 🙂
In order to arrange the pickup time, write to us a private message 🙂
6. We carry out international shipments throughout almost the entire European Union, costs in Euro below:

Austria 15 Euro
Belgium 15 Euro
Bulgaria 21 Euro
Croatia 22 Euro
Denmark 16 Euro
Estonia 16 Euro
Finland 22 Euro
France 19 Euro
Greece 23 Euro
Spain 22 Euro
Netherlands 15 Euro
Ireland 33 Euro
Lithuania 15 Euro
Luxembourg 15 Euro
Latvia 15 Euro
Germany 12 Euro
Portugal 22 Euro
Romania 21 Euro
Slovakia 14 Euro
Slovenia 21 Euro
Sweden 21 Euro
Hungary 15 Euro
Italy 21 Euro

If you would like us to send your parcel to any country other than those on the list above, write to us!