Ecovero turtleneck man print no 11



Ecovero turtleneck man print no 11. Soft and comfortable turtleneck in an original print that will subtly distinguish you from the others.

The pattern was designed especially for SNY and based on abstract watercolor paintings.

Turtleneck is made of environmentally friendly ECOVERO viscose.

Thanks to a small admixture of elastane, the turtleneck keeps its shape and adapts beautifully to the figure.

At SNY, we follow the principle of transparent pricing. Information on what makes up the product price can be found in the transparency tab.

golf ecovero męski rozmiarówka

SNY is a transparent brand. Total price of the product consists of:

14€ – production costs: fabric, sewing and tailoring accessories;
14€ – costs of creating patterns, photo sessions, company fixed costs (pay duties, website maintenance, equipment, etc.), promotion and packaging costs;
13€ – margin, taxes and social initiatives.

SNY donates a minimum of 1% of the income from each item sold to support initiatives, charity and social activities close to our heart.

Fabric was produced in Poland.

Turtlenecks were sewn in small sewing room in Warsaw.