Minimalist Silver Flower Earrings


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Minimalist Silver Flower Earrings

Their clean shape was designed in our studio, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

The earrings are symmetrical, smoothly polished flowers with five petals. The black center is a natural stone – onyx.

Minimalist flower-shaped earrings are made of 925 silver in a Polish artisan workshop.

These are classic studs fastened at the back, available in one size, with a diameter of approximately 13 mm.

Minimalistyczne kolczyki kwiaty występują w jednym rozmiarze, średnica 13 mm

SNY operates transparently. The total price of the product consists of:

  • 13€ – VAT;
  • 19€ – production costs: material costs, sewing, and additional sewing accessories;
  • 32€ – company overhead costs, our margin, and other taxes;

SNY donates a minimum of 1% of the income from each piece of clothing sold to support initiatives, charitable, and social activities close to our hearts. The earrings were made in a craft workshop in Poland.